The Loop Back to the Garden – From The Author

The garden and all its treasures is a place I always return to. Nature is simply so fresh and inviting, I’ll find myself walking around checking in on how the plants are doing often without intention.

After a career in the corporate world, and during a lovely yet challenging career break raising kids, I’ve enjoyed documenting what we’ve loved about gardening and cooking in this blog.

Having a chat with a dear old chook (our nickname for anyone our parents’ age) is one of my favourite pastimes. Learning how they keep their rose garden so fragrant and full, or what they grow, how they cook and preserve produce fascinates me.

It’s amazing how often you can pick up a great tip for something different to try. Not to mention gathering information on all the other delights of nature – chickens, bees, wildlife, flowers, frog ponds, water features… so many ways to make an outdoor space beautiful and full of living things.

Also, if you know me, you’ll know its in my DNA to non-stop ramble on and have a good old chat!

I hope you find something you can use here, that also inspires you to start or expand your garden!

Sleepy Time Gal in the background; Jess (of a similar disposition) at the front!

What do you love about gardens?

Have you got a tip or an experience to do with gardening that you think others would find interesting? Some clever advice you picked up along the way, or something you found through trial and error? We’d love to hear it through our contact form.