The Loop Back to the Garden – From The Author

There’s always something you can’t keep away from in life, despite your best attempts. When I should be doing something most important (definition of important vague here – depends on the day and usually involves kid stuff, work stuff, cleaning stuff, exercise stuff, prepping a gin and tonic…) I’m without fail procrastinating within the first 20min. And it usually looks like this:

  • staring at the garden from the deck
  • walking through the grass plucking and poking and peering at plants
  • slowing down an already slow run to look up branches and flowering elements of the treetops
  • lying on the couch scrolling socials for garden/home inspo
  • wondering which herb would suit the next new gin I’ve plucked off the bottle shop shelves
  • stopping along the way anytime / anywhere in the day having a good yarn to anyone who’ll take the time to tell me about what they’ve got growing over that fence of theirs

So, as luck would have it my career has reshaped itself and by default, it appears here I am – a garden blogger. Can’t help it, love it, the combo of thinking about / typing about / learning all about and sharing whatever I find out about gardens is just great fun. Specifically, suburban gardens, herbs, natives, and all the cute insects and wildlife they seem to attract.

I keep looping back to the good old gardens and all their glory. Soaking up the knowledge you get from the old favourites (The River Cottage Australia, Better Homes and Gardens etc) as a kid and right through into my almost 40s. Having a chat with a dear old chook (our nickname for anyone our parents’ age) about how they keep their rose garden so fragrant and full, or what they used to grow, cook and preserve through the wartimes fascinates me. It’s amazing how often you can pick up a great tip and something different to try with the gardi plans. Not to mention all the rest of it – chickens, bees, wildlife, flowers, water features… so many ways to make an outdoor space beautiful and full of living things.

Also, if you know me, you’ll know its in my DNA to non-stop ramble on and have a good old chat! What better way to give us all some downtime than to throw all the words towards the pages and let you soak them up at your own leisure.

Sleepy Time Gal in the background; Jess (of a similar disposition) at the front!

What do you love about gardens?

Have you got a tip or an experience to do with gardening that you think others would find interesting? Some clever advice you picked up along the way, or something you found through trial and error? We’d love to hear it through our contact form.