Gardening is one of the most loved activities by homeowners. Despite it being great fun, the clean up afterwards can be a bit of a hassle. After a long day in the garden, most people want to clean up as quickly as possible but usually, this requires a bit of effort. Walking around your garden picking up wet tools and rolling up your garden hose can take forever.

This is where a garden hose reel comes in handy, making gardening easier by keeping everything tidy. A hose reel allows you to safely store your garden hose or air compressor hose, ensuring that they are always accessible and there are no cracks or splits in it the next time you use it.

Basically, a garden hose reel alleviates a lot of the stress around gardening, making your hose readily available to you for all your gardening and outdoor maintenance tasks.

Gardeners will agree that there is nothing worse than a beautiful garden with a giant hose left in a pile on the grass. The longer the hose, the more likely it is to get entangled within itself, creating a mess lying on the ground which can also be a safety hazard.

To solve these problems, a garden hose reel is a convenient solution to help store your hose, making sure it is in great condition for the next time you attend to your garden. It can also help prevent leaking, due to its tightly wound spool function.

There are a wide variety of garden hose reels on the market, ranging from manual to automatic. This guide will take you through our top 5 garden hose reels, giving you the pros and the cons to make your next purchase a little easier.

Reviews Of Our Top 5 Best Garden Hose Reels


Eley Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Perfect for home or commercial use, the Eley Rapid Reel wall-mounted hose reel has been developed for long-lasting use. Built from heavy-duty aluminium and equipped with a leak-proof and rust-free swivel, this product is extremely durable.

With its unique and versatile design, this hose reel can be mounted either parallel or perpendicular to the wall. With its dynamic mounting capabilities, it is perfect for customers with unusual gardens or workspaces. It can also be set up for left or right-hand operation and use.

This garden hose reel comes with a 6 ft long polyurethane inlet hose with mounting hardware and crush-proof fittings. It is compatible with both a 150 ft 5/8-inch hose, as well as a 100 ft ¾ inch hose depending on the brand and style of the pipe you chose to use.

Eley equipped this model a state-of-the-art lever brake, smooth spinning axle bushings, a comfortable grip handle, and a unique hose strap. All these elements work together to make this hose reel one of the best pieces of equipment in your garden.

Furthermore, this product is covered by a 10-year no-rust and no-break warranty, ensuring that it and your garden are covered for the next decade.

Main Features

  • 6 ft long polyurethane inlet hose
  • Compatible with a 150 ft 5/8-inch and a 100 ft ¾ inch hose
  • Versatility: reel can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to the wall
  • Made of heavy-duty materials, ensuring extreme durability
  • Crush-proof brass fittings and mounting hardware
  • Includes left or right-hand operation
  • Rust-free


  • Superior construction
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Able to be used at home or commercially
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Striking bronze finish
  • Leak-proof brass swivel
  • 10-year warranty (industry best)


  • Slightly more expensive than other models on the market

Hoselink Wall-mountable Retractable Hose Reel

This compact Hoselink retractable hose reel is the ultimate watering solution for any gardener. The product makes watering your garden easy through its easy rewind mechanism which prevents hose tangles, allowing you to neatly coil it up when you’re done working there.

The hose reel includes a high-quality spring-loaded hose that is designed to do all the hard work for you. Its unique ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism allows you to secure the pipe at a length of your choice, reduce excess out the unit, as well as prevent any tangles, kinks, or other damage to it.

When you want to lengthen it, simply walk the hose out to your required length. It also features an easy-to-use automatic rewind system that can be activated by giving the hose a light tug.

The product is wall-mountable and has a tough, smooth white design with a UV stabilized ABS plastic casing, stainless steel hardware, quality hose and strong nylon connectors which are guaranteed to last in either hot or cold temperatures.
This hose reel includes a pre-fitted 82 ft 9/16 inch quality BPA and lead-free reinforced hose, a premium 7- function spray gun, easy to attach tap to hose connector, a 6.5 ft leader hose, 180⁰ swivel bracket and includes all the necessary installation hardware.
For peace of mind, this Hoselink garden product comes with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee as well as a 2-year warranty.

Main Features

  • Premium 7-Function Spray Gun
  • 6.5 ft leader hose
  • Quality pre-fitted 82-ft of reinforced 9/16″ hose (BPA & lead-free)
  • Innovative “Stop-anywhere” locking feature
  • Durable Bracket + Installation Hardware
  • Durable 180⁰ swivel wall bracket
  • 2-year warranty


  • High-quality construction and design
  • Clean and attractive all white, smooth exterior housing
  • Unique spring-loaded hose
  • Efficient and smooth automatic rewind function
  • Easy-connect hose fittings and no leak design
  • Nylon connectors and high-quality brass threaded end
  • Stainless steel hardware set
  • Long length hose
  • Cons
  • If the rewind system breaks, you may need to replace the entire system
  • Slightly more complex installation process

Liberty Garden Wall Mount 704

If you’re looking to add an antique touch to your garden then the Liberty Garden decorative aluminium hose reel is the perfect product for you. The stylish antique design is perfect for garden areas where you can’t hide your reel and require a more decorative look.

Featuring a dynamic powder-coated heavy gauge, rust-free, cast aluminium construction, it offers a complete gardening solution. Its carved, spiralled flourishes and brass aluminium plumbing fixtures include a rust-resistant powder coat finish, ensuring optimal durability. The hose reel includes 5 ft of leader hose and is able to accommodate a garden pipe measuring up to 125 ft with a 5/8 inch width.

What makes this product popular is the fact that it does not require any assembly after purchase as all the materials are connected and aligned, ready to be used.

This Liberty model provides you with extra storage as it has a shelf on top of the reel, perfect for hose nozzles, attachments and other garden tools. The hose can be pulled out effortlessly, while the sturdy handle makes rewinds quick and easy.

The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Main Features

  • Large 125-feet/ 5/8-inch hose capacity
  • 5-inch leader hose
  • High quality, heavy-gauge cast aluminium construction with a durable powder coat finish
  • 5-feet of leader hose
  • Easy to use hose pull out and rewind fixture


  • Stylish and sleek antique design
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Rust-resistant
  • All brass and galvanized fixtures included
  • Additional storage shelf
  • Smooth rotation
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • The 1-year limited warranty does not cover the working parts
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Only a manual retraction function available
  • Hose is not included

RL Flo-Master Retractable Hose Reel

This sleek and modern hose reel will save you time and effort in all your gardening tasks. While it is primarily a wall-mountable unit, the hose reel can also be removed from the wall bracket, allowing you to carry it with you around the garden while you complete your outdoor tasks.

The innovative hose reel includes a retractable spring-loaded hose with a stopper, allowing you to retract the hose quickly and effortlessly. An automatic guide prevents the hose from overlapping or tangling inside the unit when you are retracting it.

Included in the purchase is a wall bracket, and necessary mounting hardware, that allows for a 180⁰ swivel movement. The hose reel also includes a 66-inch leader hose as well as a 65 ft 5/8 inch braided hose, which is reinforced for added longevity and durability.

It also features threaded brass ends and an 8-spray pattern nozzle and carry handle, making this product multi-functional and portable, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

The RL Flo-Master offers customers a limited warranty on the product that is specified on the packaging.

Main Features

  • Eight pattern nozzle
  • 180⁰ swivel movement
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Retractable spring-loaded hose
  • Portable
  • 65ft 5/8-inch reinforced hose with a threaded brass end
  • 66-inch leader hose


  • Modern design
  • Advanced hose retraction functionality
  • Automatic guide prevents the hose from overlapping while retracting
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Warranty included
  • This unit can be removed from the bracket
  • Includes a carrying handle


  • At 26 lbs it is relatively heavier than other similar products
  • Cannot accommodate some of the larger hoses

Suncast PTW175 Resin Hose Hideaway

Designed to become a part of your garden furniture, the Suncast Resin hose hideaway is the perfect option for those who have created a stylish outdoor area and need a unit that fits in with the decor and design.

The storage box is made from wicker, while the tool itself is made of resin. One simple flip of a lever and you will be able to rewind your pipe all the way back into the box, making it extremely functional and mobile.

This unit requires no assembly and measures 21″L x 22″W x 21.5″H. It is also able to hold 225 ft of 5/8-inch hose, which is ideal for just about any garden. Its sturdy and durable design makes it perfect for just about any season.

The Patented Easylink System provides a watertight connection between the hose and the reel which keeps it tightly sealed and prevents any leakage.

This Suncast hose reel is a stylish option which allows you to conceal your garden hose while keeping it protected from bends, kinks and other damage.

Main Features

  • Holds 225 ft of 5/8 inch hose
  • No assembly needed
  • Made from a sturdy resin material, ensuring optimal durability
  • Includes a slide track for easier winding and rewinding
  • Stylish and easy to conceal design


  • Attractive design
  • Durable construction
  • Holds 225 ft of hose


  • Cannot accommodate some larger hoses

Buying Guide – What To Look For When Buying A Garden Hose Reel

Length of Hose

When purchasing a garden hose reel, the most important thing to take note of is the length of hose you need to store. The size of your garden and how far the hose needs to extend from the water source will determine the length of hose you need to buy and store.

If your tap is in the middle of your garden you are in luck as you will not require a lengthy hose. Most taps or water sources, however, are generally on the wall of the main house. This means you will have to measure the furthermost point from the tap point to know exactly what length of hose you will need.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to choose a hose reel that can accommodate a hose that is around 50 ft longer than your measured requirements.

Durability / Build Quality

Like any product, durability is crucial to ensure your unit lasts you a long time. This applies to both your hose as well as your hose reel. While a more durable and sturdy garden hose reel may cost you more at the outset, it will most likely ensure your unit has a long lifespan, limiting the need for repairs or replacement.

There are many different types of materials used when creating garden tools, some sturdier than others. A few examples include PVC, nylon, synthetic, or natural rubbers, as well as polyurethane. Therefore, it is essential to consider when and how you will be using this hose or hose reel. If you intend to use your hose every day which means moving it from different parts of your garden, then it is recommended to invest in a hardwearing model. This will ensure that the unit is not heavily damaged if you are moving it across gravel or any other rough surfaces.

Similarly, the hose reel also needs to be extremely durable as they are generally left outdoors and can be affected by the weather, especially during colder seasons. Most gardeners require their hose during these seasons to keep their garden tidy, so a more weather-resistant model would be better.

There are a wide variety of hose reel models which are portable or fixed, that completely enclose the hose when it is not in use. This ensures that it is shielded from harsher weather conditions.

However, if you intend to use your hose once a week and only get your hose reel out the garage once in a while, then you could choose an open style reel which can be easily stowed away after being used.

Design Features – Decorative Versus Minimalist

When it comes to garden hose reels there are a variety of models and styles to suit just about any gardener’s needs. While most of the designs can be relatively simple and aim to serve their purpose, there are many that have been created to contribute to your garden’s stylish exterior.

Most gardeners today take pride in keeping their gardens clean and stylish. It is for this reason that many brands are now creating more aesthetically pleasing hose reels, made to fit in with even the most luxurious garden designs. For those who simply wish to use their hose and hose reel once in a while a more simple design might be suitable.

But for those who utilise their hose and hose reel on a more regular basis and don’t want the hassle of moving and storing their units, one of the more decorative designs would be ideal.

Portable Versus Not Portable And Weight

There are a wide variety of options for hose reels when it comes to usability and efficiency. It all depends on how frequently you intend to use your hose and hose reel.

If you plan to use your reel frequently and need to move it around your garden, then a more lightweight material such as plastic with an easy grip handle is highly recommended.

Typically, portable units will come with wheels. This allows you to easily move it around your garden without damaging the unit.

If you prefer a fixed model then be sure to take note of how it attaches to the wall. It is also crucial to assess the wall you will be attaching it to. The wall itself needs to be able to handle the weight of the unit as the reels tend to become quite heavy once the hose is rolled up.

Retractable Reel

If you have a longer garden or just want to save your energy when reeling the hose in, a retractable hose reel is the perfect solution for you. These units work by simply pulling the length back onto the reel and rolling it up.

These units are generally quick and easy to use but do require some strength and energy to pull the hose out in initially.


Hose reels can either be relatively standard or come with a variety of additional accessories and add-ons. More basic units will generally have the necessary fittings to attach it to the water source.

Aside from the more basic fittings, you should consider a nozzle for the end of the reel which can help you easily start and stop the water flow. This accessory is useful when you’ve got your hose fully unravelled from the reel and want to turn the water off before you make it back to the water outlet.

It is important to note that you should try to avoid leaving any water in your hose as it can freeze during colder seasons, damaging your hose and potentially your reel.